Available premises Helsinki region, Finland

Helsinki metropolitan area shopping centres by Citycon offer a wide range of premises for businesses looking for retail or office space.

Examples of premises

Columbus retail premise 68,5 m² ground floor
Columbus retail premise 77,0 m² ground floor
Columbus retail premise 102,5 m² ground floor
Iso Omena
Iso Omena retail premise 347,5 m² 1st floor
Myyrmanni retail premise 6,5 m² ground floor
Myyrmanni office premise 193,0 m² 2nd floor
Myyrmanni retail premise 196,5 m² 1st floor
Myyrmanni retail premise 209,0 m² 2nd floor
Myyrmanni office premise 324,5 m² 2nd floor

Locations of the premises in Helsinki region

Our shopping centres in Helsinki region are Iso Omena, Lippulaiva (Pikkulaiva), Myyrmanni and Columbus. The centres are developed actively and in close coordination with our tenants. The goal is to guarantee consistent growth in customer volumes. All our centres enjoy excellent public transit connections and some are located with a direct connection to a train or metro station. This page lists examples of available premises in Helsinki region. Our leasing team is happy to help you in finding the perfect premise for your business.