Lippulaiva (Pikkulaiva)

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    Spring 2022

Lippulaiva is conveniently located at the heart of the rapidly growing Espoonlahti neighbourhood in Espoo (Helsinki Metropolitan Area). In addition to a good selection of everyday services, the shopping centre offers a number of specialty stores.

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Lippulaiva (Pikkulaiva)

Espoonlahdenkatu 4
02320 Helsinki

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Rental income by category
Rental income by category
Groceries, 49 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 13 %
Cafés and restaurants, 12 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 11 %
Services and offices, 7 %
Wellness, 3 %
Fashion and Accessories, 3 %
Specialty stores, 2 %

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Citycon has started a (re)development and extension of Lippulaiva in which the old shopping centre will be demolished and replaced by a new shopping centre. The extensive (re)development of Lippulaiva will make a benchmark for the modern, urban shopping centre catering to the everyday needs of local residents. The completely new shopping centre will double the size of the old centre and turn the shopping centre into a true urban crosspoint. The new metro station, which is part of the Länsimetro Western metro extension, and a feeder bus terminal will be fully integrated in the centre and housing consisting of approximately 550 new apartments to be built on top.

Lippulaiva is conveniently located in the heart of the rapidly growing Espoonlahti area in Espoo (Helsinki Metropolitan Area) which will see the fastest residential growth and densification in the Helsinki area over the coming decade. Population in the catchment area belongs to the wealthiest in Finland.

Finland’s first recyclable pop-up shopping centre
Pikkulaiva, a 10,000 sq.m. temporary shopping centre, located in the vicinity of Lippulaiva, will ensure that local residents have access to services for the duration of the construction work. The centre is fully leased.

Tommi Eriksson Citycon
Tommi Eriksson
Leasing Manager
+358 40 709 6844
Marko Ryhänen Citycon
Marko Ryhänen
Senior Specialty Leasing Manager
+358 207 664 604
Marko Vuorinen Citycon
Marko Vuorinen
Senior Leasing Manager
+358 20 766 4449
Centre management
Ksenia Betko
Ksenia Betko
Centre Trainee
+358 207 664 456

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