Shopping centres Denmark

Citycon shopping centres serve clients in central locations in Denmark. Our centres are located in the Greater Copenhagen area, which in the European scale is a leader in both population growth and income levels.
Køge, Denmark
Opened in 2017, Strædet is located in the city centre of Køge in the greater Copenhagen area. Strædet is a modern, high quality shopping street with a comprehensive range of stores, cafés and restaurants for everyday life.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Albertslund Centrum is an open-air local shopping centre located in the centre of the municipality of Albertslund, 20 minutes west of Copenhagen's city centre. It is a community centre providing, in addition to retail, municipal services, town hall, theatre, cinema and offices.

Citycon Danish shopping centres serve millions of visitors annually. They are located near the capital city of Copenhagen with good public transport connections. Our Denmark shopping centres are strategically placed to benefit from growth of local population as well as purchasing power.

We work to develop shopping centres in Denmark actively to maintain and grow visitor interest and to provide new services and additional value for tenants. Our centres benefit from regular renovation and redesign work and active maintenance. In addition to leasing of a wide range of premises we offer solutions for companies seeking popups and brand promotion activities.

Our goal is to minimise the negative environmental impacts in the operation of Citycon shopping centres in Denmark. Citycon's sustainability strategy guides the development of centres.