Shopping centres Estonia

Citycon shopping centres in Estonia welcome clients in Tallinn, the capital city. Our centres are among the best known and most visited in the country. Tallinn is a region that is witnessing strong population and purchasing power growth in Estonia.
Tallinn, Estonia
Kristiine is the second largest shopping centre in Tallinn. Kristiine was built in phases in 1999–2002, and an expansion of 12,000 square metres was completed in the autumn of 2010.
Tallinn, Estonia
Rocca al Mare is home to approximately 150 specialty shops in fashion, interior decoration, leisure and well-being as well as full-range grocery stores.

In Estonia, Citycon's shopping centres welcome millions of customers per year. Our centres are among the largest in the country and they are located in Tallinn, the capital city. The shopping centres are located to receive maximum benefit from growth in the local area. Estonia is a dynamic and developing market for shopping centres.

Our Estonian shopping centres benefit from regular development work. Our visitors are continuously offered new experiences and our tenants provided with new services and added value. The centre facilities are kept fresh with active maintenance and redesign work. Serving tenants is our core business but we also welcome popups and a wide range of event and promotion activities in the centres.

Citycon Estonia shopping centres seek to minimise their negative environmental impact. We develop centres according to our sustainability strategy.