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Stenungstorg Centrum is located right on the seafront in Stenungsund, in the Gothenburg area. The shopping centre operates as a regional commercial centre. This is the only place in Sweden where you can live, work, do your daily errands and have a coffee, lunch or dinner by the sea.
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Stenungstorg Centrum

Östra Köpmansgatan 20
44430 Stenungsund

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Rental income by category
Rental income by category
Fashion and Accessories, 25 %
Services and offices, 18 %
Groceries, 15 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 12 %
Cafés and restaurants, 10 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 10 %
Residentials and Hotel, 5 %
Wellness, 5 %

Examples of premises at Shopping Centre Stenungstorg Centrum

retail premise 41,5 m² ground floor
office premise 50,0 m² 1st floor
office premise 50,0 m² 1st floor

Promote your brand and be seen at Shopping Centre Stenungstorg Centrum

The shopping centre has a curated selection of premium brands and larger chains combined with an extensive service offering.  The centre was refurbished and extended in 2014–2016.

The average income in the catchment area is high. Population and tourism are growing steadily. The guest harbor and new harbor square with cafés attract many visitors in the summer. 

Our ambition is to transform Stenungstorg to a modern city centre with new blocks of residentials and hotel, concentrating the retail to the galleria. Relocation of a travel centre to Stenungstorg in 2024 will create a new transportation hub.


Jacob Hermansson
Jacob Hermansson
Leasing Manager
+46 8 562 532 32
Ulf Glad, Specialty Leasing Manager
Ulf Glad
Specialty Leasing Manager
+46 8 562 532 50
Sargon Yan
Sargon Yan
Leasing Manager (Food and beverages)
+46 8 562 532 27
Centre management
Carina Erlandsson
Carina Erlandsson
Centre Manager
+46 8 562 532 65

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